C A L L   F O R   A P P L I C A T I O N   

AUDITION: 21.09.2014, Prague

The choreographer Alexandra Karabelas from Regensburg, the twin town of Pilsen, is in charge of creating a binational contemporary dance choreography for the main programme  of  „2015 Pilsen – European Capital of Culture“. The co-operation partner is TANEC PRAHA. The piece is entitled „Zoes Bios Box 2: Episodes about who we are“ and will be developped from the ideas and experiences of the dancers. The performances are scheduled for April 2015 during the „Bavarian Week“ from the 20th until the 26th of April 2015 and are going to be danced in the Cafe Nebe in kulturní dům, Peklo Pobřežní 10, Plzen, closed to the audience. For that, Alexandra Karabelas and her team which includes also other artists, are looking for

2 professional czech dancers and

2 professional german dancers

as of 28 years and older.


  • The dancers should have an professional dance education (either classical ballet or contemporary) and
  • they must be available for rehearsals in Prague, Pilsen and Regensburg in October (27th – 31st 2014), November (24th – 28th 2014), December (15th – 19th 20014) and January (5th – 9th 2015). They must also be available for the last rehearsals in February and March and for a pre-premiere in March 2015 at the dance festival SCHLEUDERTRAUM. Festival for dance in Bavaria in Regensburg.


Please send us a civi and a video or links to your work as a dancer by email to the following address: Tanz_denken@yahoo.de , buerokarabelas@gmail.com, and to jaroslava.tomanova@tanec.eu.

Deadline: 15th of September 2014. The audition will be held on Sunday, 21st of September 2014 in Prague. You will be invited by email. For further information please call: ++49 176 70739834. www.tanz-denken.de

The Project is promoted by „2015 Pilsen – Kulturhauptstadt Europas“, „Europäischer Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung – Investition in Ihre Zukunft“, das „Ziel 3 – Programm  zur grenzübergreifenden Zusammenarbeit Freistaat Bayern – Tschechische Republik 2007 – 2013“ and the City of  Regensburg.